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The Beacon Vent Multiplexor is a robust ventilator support solution to assist hospital, healthcare providers, and patients at a time where critical care and knowledge are at a premium.

The Problem


The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented health and economic crisis like no other in recent history. With millions of confirmed cases worldwide, and millions more presumed to carry the virus, there is a significant and continuing risk that the number of critically ill patients requiring emergency ventilation will exceed available ventilator resources, particularly as countries around the world move towards reopening economies and as the flu season begins.

Our Solution


The enhanced monitoring capabilities of Mermaid's Beacon Care System bundled with Vent Multiplexors ventilator splitters is a practical and cost effective solution for hospitals and municipalities that are dealing with a surge of cases and finite resources - including managing limited ICU quality ventilators, restricted monitoring capabilities, and limited critical care staff.

Watch The Beacon 

Watch The Vent Multiplexor Co-Ventilation Patient Deployment

Monitors Various Ventilation Systems

 The market currently offers a wide variety of ventilator systems. Beacon can monitor any kind of ventilator system; novel ventilator designs, lower cost substitutes, and repurposed production capacity.


Expand Ventilator Capacity

The Vent Multiplexor component of the kit reduces clinical need for ventilators, as it provides individualized therapy to be delivered between two patients on one ventilator. By using two adjustment devices and by continuously measuring flow in the Venturi tubes, tidal volumes can be adjusted uniquely for each patient to equally or unequally split the ventilator output as desired by the clinician. 


Assist Non-Critical Care Doctors


Beacon provides an easy-to-use graphic format that permits nurses, low skilled, and newly trained Respiratory Therapists to manage ICU ventilators at a time when ICU doctors or Respiratory Therapists are scarce resources.


 Clinically Backed


Vent Multiplexor was developed in collaboration with Yale-New Haven Hospital and granted Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA on April 15, 2020 and Mermaid’s Beacon Care System was approved by the FDA in 2019. Both devices have undergone extensive clinical testing.

 Advanced Monitoring



With realtime metabolic calculations such as daily energy expenditure coupled with advanced physiology parameters such as alveolar dead space, shunt and V/Q estimation the Mermaid Beacon provides a unique window into the physiology of the most critically ill patients.  In addition to these cutting edge parameters, the Mermaid also provides suggested ventilator optimization strategies to ensure that ventilator therapies are tailored to their needs.  


 Cost Effective Solution


Quality ventilators require expertise and specialty tooling to produce, and cost between $25,000-$50,000. In addition, with hospital systems and governments all attempting to increase their inventory, demand has vastly outstripped supply. Compared to purchasing five traditional ventilators for at least $25,000 a unit, the same capacity can be gained through one Beacon Vent Multiplexor bundle for only $10,000. Additional Vent Multiplexor kits (one kit contains 5 splitters) can also be purchased for $1,000. 

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